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This site is dedicated to my Horse photo album. It contains over of 5894 photographs and horse pictures covering my equestrian experiences over the last nine or so years. Most of the photos have been taken by me although there are a few pictures with me in them. In addition to a lot of photos of horses, there are also pictures of dogs and other things.

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Whats new on Horses.co.uk

Horses - Christmas Polo Gymkhana23 December 2006
Polo ponies play gymkhana games
Horses - Apassionata 200615 April 2006
Apassionata 2006 Horse Extravaganza
Horses - Pinky lets off some steam19 January 2006
Pinky lets off some steam
Horses - Regent Street Festival 200504 September 2005
Regent Street Festival 2005
Horses - A tragic loss29 May 2005
Rosara's life is stolen away
Horses - Pinky23 April 2005
Pinky - 14'3 Hands of Pink Polo Pony
Horses - Oops17 April 2005
Oops, you've been framed
Horses - Pink Power26 February 2005
Pink Power
Horses - Argentina17 January 2005
Polo holiday in Argentina
Horses - Chamfron17 December 2004
The Chukerminator
Horses - Foxy22 November 2004
Foxy by name, Foxy by nature!
Horses - FitFit Denim Chaps18 October 2004
FitFit Denim Chaps
Horses - Caribbean14 May 2004
Swimming with the horses in the Caribbean
Horses - Update09 September 2003
Horses - <DIV> is Born09 August 2003
<DIV> is Born
Horses - Birthday Snow12 January 2003
Lets build a snowman
Horses - Pub Visit19 May 2002
A Visit to the Pub
Horses - Things not to do with a horse.04 May 2002
Things not to do with a horse.
Horses - A Day out at Daniellas20 April 2002
A Day out at Daniellas
Horses - Equus07 April 2002
The Equus Exhibition
Horses - Arena Match18 February 2002
Rosara and George Play in an Arena Match
Horses - Hyde Park22 December 2001
George Takes Rosara to Hyde Park
Horses - George Rosara Have a Jumping Lesson12 December 2001
George & Rosara Have a Jumping Lesson
Horses - Cuddles02 December 2001
Horses - Xmas Cards31 October 2001
Ho ho ho ... Oh no ... Not again!
Horses - Rosara06 October 2001
Rosara - The new girl in my life
Horses - Kiddy rides29 September 2001
Kiddy Rides
Horses - Dinner in the rain26 August 2001
Having a snack in the rain
Horses - Dinner Time25 August 2001
Dinner time - Yet more food!
Horses - Jumps22 August 2001
Humping the jumps.
Horses - Together18 August 2001
Together again
Horses - My World Comes Crashing Down16 August 2001
My world caves in - The worst news you can get
Horses - My Line28 July 2001
My Line!
Horses - IWPAWC 200128 July 2001
The superstar line up International Woman's Polo World Championships
Horses - IWPA 200123 July 2001
Mega-Star Norway assists Stefanie Powers with the IWPA press launch
Horses - Drive22 July 2001
Go on let me Drive.
Horses - BBQ21 July 2001
Anyone for a BBQ?
Horses - Kate30 June 2001
Yet more friends!
Horses - Poorly, sicky Bertie ... Again08 June 2001
Disaster strikes again... poorly Bertie
Horses - Brazil03 June 2001
A day out visiting a friend

More horse stories and pictures ...

And He shall come in, riding a white horse...
    - Revelations

If you know of any quotes that I don't have you can send them to me and I will include them in the quotations section along with loads of others.

Four Horses Of The Apocalypse Christmas Card 2001


It's that festive time of year again!

If you fancy making your own Christmas Cards, I have a set of four cards you can download and print for yourself.

All I ask is a donation if you choose to use them. Click here to see them.

The horse pictures cover the areas of Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Hunting, Showing and Polo. Of course there are also loads of pictures of Horses just standing around looking pretty.

Most of the pictures are of horses in the UK at various riding stables, equestrian establishments and horse shows around the England. There are plenty of pictures taken in the New Forest. I like to ride whenever I travel abroad and there are a few pictures from France and Switzerland.

The 27 last glorious years of Horses ... and counting

Horses - Henry the Hunter
Henry the Hunter started me off riding.
Horses - Lucky - Cleavland Bay Mare
Lucky - A Cleavland Bay that I had on loan as no one wanted to ride her.
Horses - Seamus O`Mally
Seamus - The first horse I could call my own.
Horses - Willow (Joint Account)
Willow - A lovely bay mare that replaced Seamus.
Horses - Aristotle
Aristotle - A friend`s Irish TB dressage horse.
Horses - William
William - The kindest horse on earth and an eventer at that.
Horses - Ringo
Ringo - A Danish dressage horse whose name is really Viborg.
Horses - Plato - Coloured Stallion
Plato - The best coloured stallion I have ever seen.
Horses - New Bay
New Bay - The jumping polo pony
Horses - Spotty
Spotty - What a cutie
Horses - Bertie
Christmas Bertie - The Appaloosa multi-talented jumping polo pony (with festive tendencies)
Horses - George
George - A name can be deceiving.
Horses - Bertie n George19 April 2000
Bertie n George - A bailer twine of polo ponies!!!
Horses - Rosara06 October 2001
Rosara - The new girl in my life
Horses - Foxy22 November 2004
Foxy by name, Foxy by nature!
Horses - Pinky23 April 2005
Pinky - 14'3 Hands of Pink Polo Pony

The Activities section categorises the horse pictures according to activity or scenario, and the Dogs section has lots of pictures of dogs.

The links above tell a story but are constantly under development and only reference about 35% of the available pictures on this site. You can access the rest of the archive by browsing the Photo Album directly.

This site has a special guest ...
Branston is the world's first computer literate horse. In his stable you can find him regaling many interesting stories about him and his rider 'Spuds'.

There are also some animations of horses paces- walk, trot, canter and gallop. The site also has a few horse sounds in WAV and AU format.

If you have a Java enabled browser why not try the Block Puzzle game, and see if you can get into the high score table. If you think its easy do it on 5x5 !!!

You might like to sign my guest book or see some messages from users of the system. Comments much appreciated to admin@horses.co.uk.

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